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The first motorhome service point network by private persons

You would like to welcome a traveler
What is a motorhome service point network composed of private persons ?
Why do you develop a RV stopover network ?
What kind of services can I offer to travelers ?
Do I need a special installation to welcome travelers ?
Do I have to welcome travelers overnight ?
I must be motorhome user to welcome motorhome users ?
Can I welcome travelers who are not motorhome users ?
Do you publish my personal datas (name and address) on the web site ?
How do I know if a traveler wants to be welcomed
How many travelers do I have to welcome ?
Can I cancel a reservation made by a traveler ?
What financial contribution does a traveler pay for the services I offer?
How do I get back the money of my reservations
Do you charge fees ?
If things go wrong with a traveler ?
If I want to stop welcoming travelers ?
Can I also be a traveler ?
How to join the network ?

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User guide and Terms of use

You would like to be welcomed
Why should I use a private motorhome stopover ?
How does it work ?
What kind of services do offer hosts ?
Can I stay overnight ?
How much time in advance do I have to reserve ?
Is it free of charge ?
Do you charge reservation fees ?
What are the available payment methods ?
If I cannot go to my host or if I am delayed ?
I am not a motorhome user. Can I use the network ?
Can I become an Host ?
If things go wrong with an host ?
How to join the network ?